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What is laser eye surgery and can I have it abroad?

Laser eye surgery is an effective treatment for poor vision and other visual impediments, utilising a high powered laser to slightly alter the shape of the cornea and thereby correct problems with sight.

This surgery can produce long term results and in some cases eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses. This section gives an in-depth look at issues and important questions about the surgery, a few of which are outlined below. This treatment can be performed in the UK, but some patients may want to consider the price decrease that can come with treatment abroad.

How does it work?

This is the kind of procedure to discuss with Optical Express thoroughly. Poor eyesight is caused by problems with the lenses in the eyes: in short-sighted (myopic) people the lenses are excessively thick and strong, while long-sighted (hyperopic) people have lenses that struggle to thicken and strengthen.

In both cases the light rays are prevented from reaching the eyes in the right way, either by the lenses focusing too quickly or too slowly.

Laser eye surgery involves holding the eyes open and cutting into the cornea using either the laser or a microkeratome blade. This creates an opening through which the high powered laser can reshape the corneal tissue with precise accuracy to change the way the lenses work. The cornea needs no prodding or stitching to become reattached.