Appointments You Should Keep Up to Date With

The health appointments you should keep up to date with

Visit the Opticians

We recommend having an eye test every two years. Not only will it assess your vision, but the optician may be able to detect health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Regular sight tests mean you will have the correct prescription and will feel less pressure and be less reliant on your eyes. See the best stores.

However, you may have to have more frequent appointments if you have diabetes, family history of glaucoma or are aged 70 and over.

Check-ups with the Dentist

Regular appointments are essential for the maintenance of healthy gums and teeth. In between these appointments, it is your role to properly clean your gums and teeth. Your dentist may suggest more frequent visits if you have issues with your mouth.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle aside from having a healthy diet and exercises are having good personal hygiene. Oral hygiene gets a big chunk and it’s an integral part of your overall personal hygiene. Oral hygiene should not be neglected because that’s where our food gets chewed and processed first before entering to our digestive system.

Your dentist may be able to recommend any suitable cosmetic treatments, including invisible braces, teeth whitening and potentially veneers. Find out about low-cost veneers.

A Doctors Check-up

Many people in the UK visit their doctor on a yearly basis for an overall health check. This will help to identify any risk factors and diseases that you may have. The earlier these things are caught; the treatment will likely be much more effective. Find your local GP.

Your age will depend on what tests you will be given, but you may have:

  • Blood, urine & vision tests
  • Assessments of blood pressure
  • Discuss your diet/exercise habits
  • Screenings to assess the risk of certain diseases
  • Testing for STDs

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