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The CESP Experience

From your initial consultation to your final post-operative follow up we will ensure that your experience with CESP is a positive one.

CESP has been created to deliver the highest class of eye care treatment available, from a unique and highly personal approach. Every CESP patient can expect to enjoy a relaxing, flexible and individual clinical and surgical experience.

Right from the beginning, once you are referred to see a CESP consultant you will be always be seen by that same, named consultant at all future appointments throughout your treatment.

Direct contact with the same, familiar consultant at all visits will ensure consistency of care, whilst enhancing the quality and positive nature of your care experience. Your consultation will be both relaxing and informative, with plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that you may have.

The initial consultation, which usually lasts for 30 minutes, will be at your local specialist’s private consulting rooms or at a nearby private hospital. The reception and waiting areas will offer a quiet, comfortable and relaxing environment.

Once your treatment path has been determined, it may become apparent that you require surgery. This will be performed by the same consultant from your previous appointments.

Our CESP consultants offer complete flexibility with respect to when your operation is to be undertaken, whilst also offering the choice of where the surgery should be performed.

Following surgery, the consultant who carried out your operation will see you at each post-operative appointment, and will also be easily contactable should you have any concerns in the post-operative period.

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The CESP Experience

CESP provides world class eye care, delivered locally across the U.K. by consultant practitioner specialists.