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Our History

CESP, the largest group of consultant eye surgeons in the UK, was first established in 2003. Its innovative vision has enabled consultants to successfully contract for services from their local hospitals, placing them as the ultimate carer and provider for the patient. This ensures that patients receive world class care directly from their local consultant.

2003 - The first consultant partnership, CESP (Bristol), is founded by Jeremy Diamond, who was inspired by colleague Nigel Kirkpatrick, based in Gloucester, and his company ACES, who had similar aims.

2003 - Nigel Kirkpatrick quickly joins Jeremy with the second CESP partnership in Gloucester

2004 – 2007 Seven additional partnerships are formed throughout the UK

2007 - CESP Limited, jointly owned by all the Partnerships, is formed to provide administrative and business support to all the partnerships across the country.

2007 - CESP continues to gain momentum and popularity, with sixteen further consultant partnerships formed during the year.

2009 - CESP gains formal recognition from the Private Medical Insurance companies, allowing the consultants to expand their services and provide a cohesive care pathway to all patients.

2009 - Jeremy Diamond stands down as chairman of the company; he is replaced by Consultant Ophthalmologist, Paul Ursell, based in Surrey.

2009 - A New Executive Director of CESP Ltd is appointed and establishes the current Administrative and Operational HQ in Salisbury.

2010 – At the close of the decade CESP now comprises 28 partnerships around the UK.

2013 - CESP is now comprised of 38 partnerships around the UK, with over 200 Consultants on board.

2014 - Consultant Ophthalmologist David Etchells is appointed as the new Chairman of CESP alongside a newly elected board of Consultants.

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CESP provides world class eye care, delivered locally across the U.K. by consultant practitioner specialists.